Hilborn House
A work of art in process

The Photo Project

There's a fabulous sculpture just blocks away from where I live. World-renowned architect, Arthur Erikson, created a home that overlooks the Grand River. This is a rare creation for him - sprawling universities, dynamic museums and stunning civic buildings had tended to be the scale in which he worked. Hilborn house is all but hidden from view, nestled low among a tall stand of trees. This is an intimate work of art that has been largely overlooked by the public. I think that's exactly how he wanted it.

Its current owner is a lover of art. When he purchased the home, it had already weathered a few decades of shifting tastes and the unrelenting impact of time itself. His approach is simple... restoration and a revisioning of this unique home that will be congruent with the spirit Erikson had designed into every corner.

My role has been to capture the ongoing drama of cracked walls, bared studs and revealed treasures. The shoot began in June 2003 and continues to this day (Sept 2004). As you click on the various icons to your left, you'll be presented with a gritty view of this project. It's seldom pretty. Even so, the elegant impact of Erikson's art stands out through the dust and rubble. The team who are working on this project are incredibly skilled and I'm sure have enjoyed every opportunity to work hands-on with such a significant element of architectural history.

This site will be continually updated until the project reaches completion. For those of you who have been invited to share this link, may you enjoy the fascinating evolution of an Erikson masterpiece.

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